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Cultural Brokers Resilience Program 


Community Engagement

We provide opportunities for Latinx Cultural Brokers to network and increase awareness of their important service to the community at large with two types of Spanish speaking events.


Our community dinners are called "¡Suma Latina!". These events help cultural brokers and Boulder County residents connect and share resources. During the event we also host an open mic for the larger community to explore narratives and find innovative ways to improve our community's resilience. 

We also host community gatherings called "Cultural Cafecitos". These events help cultural brokers and employers share work experiences and explore diverse narratives around cultural brokering and cultural responsiveness towards our community in the broader human services field. These events are open to latinx bilingual and bicultural brokers who engage with community members in government, nonprofits and other agencies. 

Contact us to be part of our engagement efforts.